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Here is an overview of our Mountainbike tour program. For each tour you will find:
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Of course you can call at any time (+49.2241.404586 ). We will answer all you questions that you have about the guided bike tours.

Albufera Park / Son Real

Profil Tour Albufera

1. Albufera Park/ Son Real (Sunday)
ca. 40-60km, ca. 60 - 250HM (depending on the route)
condition: medium
technic:Easy to moderate
Single Trail Scale: S 0-1


Special features: Tour through the Albufera nature reserve and along the sea line of Son Real

A beautiful, light mountain bike tour through one of the largest contiguous wetlands in Europe - the Albufera Nature Park. Trails  meander us through this unspoiled area with its diversity of flora and fauna. Free-range cattle, horses and many birds we encounter here.Behind Can Picafort, we finally reach the site of the finca Son Real. An approximately 395-acre area where significant archaeological and ethnographic discoveries concentrate whichhave made the estate a large Open Air Museum. On the roads and paths we go down to the sea and reach old Phoenician tombs. Our route takes us back permanet along the sea.

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2. Aubarca (sunday)
Ca. 30-40km, ca. 750-900HM
Condition: medium
Technic: medium to high
Single Trail Scale: S2

Special features: Tour in the North East of Mallorca. One of the most isolated areas of the island. Best off-road paths and crisp climbs.

This tour starts in Arta, in the east of Majorca. About small side roads that pass soon innatural ways we reach the Puig Tudossa with its transmission masts. Just below the summitbranches off our trail, which partly flows, partly blocked leads us down to the sea. Passing theold Finca Aubarca that has been bought a few years ago by the Balearic Government, it goesuphill again. Long and hard to a source from which we again have hindsight a wonderful viewon what we have done. In this isolated area we encounter rarely hikers or other bikers.

Tour with Transfer. Transfer charge: +10,00 Euro per Person. Minimum 4 Persons

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Trailrinde Esporles

3. Trailtour Esporles (Monday)
ca. 25-30km, ca. 1000-1200HM
Condition: medium to high
technic: very high
Single Trail Scale: S 2-3

Special Features: Trails at its finest. Technically very demanding. Not for beginners. One of the most beautiful Mallorca tours, if not the MOST BEAUTIFUL. Almost exclusively offroad.

The Tour started in the small mountain village Esporles that has still retained a very original charm. Even in the village the Off-road begins. This old "fisherman way" takes us up on therocky coast and brings the biker group a magnificent view of the rugged northwest coast. But what follows from our single vantage point is a true bikers dream. A single trail throughvariety of sections, dense forest, reeds, tight switchbacks, rock edges that need to be run overand the whole thing almost down to the sea. A single trail with an incredible flow.
Seaside arrived we know of course that it can not have been. Southward we bike up againand pass the rocky outcrops of Coral Fals, until we reach above the village Banyalbufar the road again, which we only traveled short. Continue uphill relentlessly and mercilessly, uphilland uphill :)
At the apex pure fun begins. The downhill in the upper part was of so much flow that you canreally let it rip. But caution is necessary here. In the middle section so rocky in such a waythat you would be happy of every millimeter more of spring travel of your fork. With beating hearts and a big smile we reach the last stair exit to the church in Esporles and our starting point.

Tour with Transfer. Transfer charge: +10,00 Euro per Person. Minimum 4 Persons

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Formentor / Cala Murta

4. Peninsula Formentor / Cala Murta (Monday)
ca. 52-57km / ca. 750-910 HM
Condition: Medium
Technique: Medium

Single Trail Scale: S 1-2

Special features: Tour in the northeast of Mallorca. Nice Asphalt Climp to Formentor. Greatoff-road route on the peninsula to Cala Murta with a phenomenal descent.

We roll comfortably passing the sea towards Pollenca before the northernmost mountain road goes uphill. Now Things are going downhill already mostly off-road with stunning views over the small sandy bay of Formentor. Passing multimillion-dollar mansions we reach the area of the famous 5 star Hotel Formentor and continue on the eastern side of the peninsulato Cala Murta. Here, the trail winds through pine forests and climb slowly but surely, falls intoa great departing the bay of Cala Murta. Optionally, we can - depending on the group andweather conditions - bike in the Cala Figuera, which is on the west side of the peninsula and "take" on the way back the Talaia de Albercuix.


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Cala San Vicente

5. Cala San Vicente (Tuesday)
about 40 - 45 km, 300 - 450HM
Condition: Medium
Technique: Medium
Single Trail Scale: S 1

Special features: tour with spectacular views

We cycle leisurely through the fields towards Pollenca. Just before the town we drive north into the Cala San Vicente and reached by a small wood, the Double Bay with its bizarre Rocks.On the west side of the bay, we are already seeing our next climb up to the Puig de Auguillathat comes along like an old military road in the Alps. There from the top we are enjoying theview over here permanently's azure Mediterranean. Perfectly.

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Barranc de Biniaraix

6. Barranc de Biniaraix (Tuesday)
ca. 30 - 35 km, ca. 1.100 HM
Condition: Medium to high
Technic: high
Singletrail Scale: S2 (with S3 Parts)

Special features: crisp uphill, downhill tour near Soller. Stunning technicaldownhill through the gorge of Biniaraix. In the upper part of the gorge superior driving skills are required.

A mountain bike tour of superlatives. First it goes uphill over a long forgotten connection path to the tunnel of Puig Major. Here condition is required. In the middle of the high mountains of Majorca we enjoy a mountain trip, whith which you go into raptures. Passing the reservoir Cuber the panorama is overwhelming. What then follows is upscale driving skills. Here quickly separates the wheat from the chaff or men from boys. A mega Trail downto Soller through the Barranc de Biniaraix. Biking on the precipice, blocked sites, steps, tight corners and a permanent view of the city and the sea. Pure adrenaline for experienced bikers. Awesome ...

Tour with Transfer. Transfer charge: 15,00 Euro per Person. Minimum 4 Persons

Tossals und Orient

7. Tossals und Orient (Wednesday)
ca. 32 - 40 km, ca. 700 - 850 HM
Condition: Medium
Technic: Medium
Singletrail Scale: S1-max. S2

Special features: very nice tour in the middle of Tramuntana mountains. Up through the gorge Almadrà to the refuge of Tossals and then an old connecting path to theValley of Dreams of Orient. The coronation of this tour is Mallorca's largest waterfall.

A really nice mountain bike tour, not too hard but not easy. The ramp on the Almadrà gorge is a colorful spectacle. Red, brown and golden, depending on the sunlight illuminates the rock. The serpentines lead us to Mallorcas only, real mountain hut. A narrow singletrackaccompanied us to the valley of Orient. We still have to sweat a little before we reach theCoanegra Canyon. On a rock gate we enjoy the splendid view into the narrow valley. Nowfollows a crazy trail run, which is pretty blocked in their final part. As a reward, we reach thewaterfall Coanegra with almost 10m height. A true spectacle in spring and autumn. During the warm months, unfortunately, no water flows. Via an old and unprecedented farm trackwe come to Orient, where we have a short rest. Fast-paced and quite simply we go from hereback to our bus.

Tour with Transfer. Transfer charge: +10,00 Euro per Person. Minimum 4 Persons

Bunyola und Castell Alaró


Tour Alaro Bunyola

8. Bunyola and Castell Alaró (Wednesday)
ca. 30 - 45 km, ca. 700 - 1.300 HM
Condition: high
Technic: medium to high
Singletrail Scale: S2-max. S3

Special features: dream tour at the edge of the Tramuntana mountains. In the long version not for wimps. Wonderful views from the Castell and crazy singletrack descent into the valley of Orient. Passing the waterfall Coanegra and enters in the fairytale forest ofBunyola. Must see...

Hard and rough it comes a story for another. First a strenuous climb to the historic Castell deAlaro and then one of the best singletrack descents of Mallorca into the idyllic valley of Orient. From there it goes hard onwards to the Coanegra waterfall and via old, branchedpaths in the community forest Bunyola with its numerous paths. The Trail proportion is high,demand driving technique. And also fitness. The blocked downhill towards Bunyola enchantsour bikers heart. We take this tour in different types depending on the participants. Difficult or somewhat easier. Shorter or in the long version. In any case, a technically great tour that should have gone.

Tour with Transfer. Transfer charge: 10,00 Euro per Person. Minimum 4 Persons

MTB Nightride Coll Baix


9. MTB Nightride Coll Baix (Wednesday)
ca. 20-25km, 300-400 HM
Condition: medium
Technic: medium
Singletrail Scale: S1-S2

We start just before sunset on the peninsula of Alcudia. "Illuminated" by ourstrong bike lamps, the local crisp trails are especially attractive. A real little adventure.Fantastically the night view of the sea and surrounding ports.

Price Night Ride: 49,00 Euro incl. Bike and Light

As an addition to the booked bike package: 29,00

Price per Person

to Booking form Night Ride

If you would like to make the Night Ride booked as an addition to the bike package, pleasegive a comment on the booking form.

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Coll Baix / Halbinsel von Alcudia

Coll Baix

10. Coll Baix / penisula of Alcudia (Thursday)
about 30-45km, 500-800HM,
Condition: Medium
Technic: Medium to High
Single Trail Scale: S 2-3

Features: Trail-tour, very technical. No tour for beginners.

The great mountain bike playground in Majorca. From the challenging mountain bike tourthrough the extreme freeride adventures you'll find everything here. We go about our "mountain", the Puig San Marti over to the peninsula of Alcudia. The view from the 255mhigh Puig San Marti is a dream. On the peninsula we drive to the small summit and source ofBaix Coll. Then we cross the peninsula from east to west over interlocked single-track trailsthat are really fantastic. As a reward, we will have a coffee con leche on the other side of the by direct on the seaside. Back to the bikestation, it is always along the sea through Manresaand Barcares.

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11. Aucanella (Thuesday)
Ca. 30-40km, ca. 860-1000HM
Condition: Medium
Technic: Medium to high
Singletrail Scale: S2

Special features: tour in the central Tramuntana Mountains with a visit to the monastery of Lluc. Crispy rise and exciting downhill on private land, which we are permitted to access by special permission.

We start this tour on Font Torreta, where we even stop the tour. First, it goes slightly uphill toCaimari. Just behind the village, the route goes uphill harder and harder. We can cycle the increase in three variants. Ranging from easy to challenging.
At "Coll Bataia" we decide either for a short trip to Lluc Monastery, Mallorca's largestpilgrimage or for direct cycle over the "Coll Pelat" and then down to Aucanella. The ramp to the Coll Pealt is very hard, but the subsequent downhill to Aucanella can make enduro mountainbiker hearts beat faster. Rocky and technically, and after a few kilometersassociated with a magnificent view. One of the longest runs that we have in Mallorca. A tourthat must have driven.

Transfer charge: +10,00 Euro per Person. Minimum 4 Persons

Kloster Lluc


12. Monastery Lluc (Friday)
about 65-70km, 900 - 1000HM
condition: high
Technique: Medium to high
Single Trail Scale: S 2-3

Special features: The highlight of the Northern Region, tough climbs, winding roads and a dream traildownhill to Pollenca. A must for every biker in Mallorca.

About old, little-used back roads we reach the village Caimari. Here begins our hard, 9kmlong climb to the monastery Lluc, Mallorca's largest and oldest place of pilgrimage. And the rise is also a true "Büßerweg". Steep, splinted and inexorably pulls the old pilgrimage routeup the mountain to just under 600m. The following views from the so-called rock arch is one of the finest in the island. The monastery, it is now almost 100HM downhill. There we enjoy a delicious almond cake and have a well earned rest.
But the real highlight will follow. The rapid descent Singletrail towards Pollencal through theold oak forest. A real rush for every biker that you must experience.

Galatzo Trail


13. Galatzo Trail (Friday)
ca. 40 - 45km, 1.100 - 1.300HM
condition: Medium
Technic: Medium to High
Single Trail Scala: S 2 -3

Special features: The Galatzo round starts in Esporles. The Enduro Mecca ofMallorca. First, with a gentle beginning, later it gets more and more harder and fascinating in one of the longest and most beautiful singletrails from Mallorca.

The mountain bike tour around the summit of Mount Galatzo one of the highlights in Mallorca. The Singeltrail down on Mallorca's rugged west coast unequaled and let beats our hearts higher. However, before we enjoy it goes uphill the hard way. What follows is a pure Adrenalin. You have to know this route very good, otherwise you will be tangled definitely in the dense network of paths above Estellencs. And the mountain farmers there do not like to see if you traversed their land without prior authorization. We therefore do not recommend this route to independently try. From Estellencs back to Esporles is no less hard. Uphill and downhill curl singletrails, mountain trails and scenic trails along the coast. And down intoEsporles there is a fulminate finale.

Transfer charge: +10,00 Euro per Person. Minimum 4 Persons

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MTB Cycling technique training


14. MTB Cycling technique training (saturday)
ca. 15-25km, 100-250 HM
condition: easy
technic: easy to moderate
Singletrail Scala: S0 - S1

Every saturday, we conduct a Cycling technique training that you can performas a single reservation or in combination with a booked bike package. The Cycling technique training will then count as a tour

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MTB adventure cave

15. MTB adventure cave (Saturday)
about 20-25km, 300-450 HM (with hiking part 600 HM)
Conditions: medium
technique: medium
Single Trail Scala: S 1

Bike & Caving Tour Majorca in the middle of a breathtaking and
adventurous scenery. With the bike, we go to the steep coast and have to walk the last mile on foot. On an adventurous path, we reach a non-touristy cave into which we enter with headlamps.

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Freeride tour Alcudia


16. Freeride tour Alcudia
about 25km; 900 - 1000HM
Conditions: medium
technique: very high
Single Trails Scala: S 2 - S 3

Special features: splinted Trail, magnificent wide views, epic trails.

The peninsula of Alcudia is a great playground for freeriding. We ride the Coll Benet, a barrenand bare mountain range. One believes in a different world. The crossing of the peninsulaover the summit of Atalaya de Alcudia is not only a great challenge, it is also very appealing.The singletrack descent to Coll Baix is arguably one of the world's most beautiful pathes for mountainbikers.

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Special MTB Tours with  Transfer (ca. plus 5,00 - 15,00 Euro per Person depending on the route):

Other tours in the Tramuntana mountains on request.
for example:

•    Massanella Downhill
•    Coll des Vent
•    La Trappa
•    Sa Costera etc

Informations to the special MTB Tours from Michael Nies.

The Special tours have no fixed day and will be coordinated with the guests.

Subject to change depending on weather conditions and group constellation. Helmets are mandatory on all tours. Helmets can be borrowed for a fee of 3.00 per trip. In the Bike packages helmets are included.
Start time for the tours: from 10.00 clock in the morning
Minimum number of participants for all guided tours are 4 people.