Radon Mountainbike Test Center Mallorca

We offer you different kinds of Mountainbikes:

A: MTB Fullsuspension

  1. Radon Slide+
  2. BMC Trailfox 29er
  3. Radon Slide Hybrid (E Bike)

B: MTB Hardtails

  1. BMC Teamelite 29
  2. vamos24 Hardtail 26er

The full-suspension bikes are suited for heavy, technical terrain in Mallorca. We have consciously only the All Mountain and Enduro + categories and no cross country full suspension bikes because they would not suitable for Mallorca.

More information about the equipment and prices can be found at the links to the bikes. If you have questions you can of course also write to us directly at info@vamos24.com or by calling +49.2241.404586.